What is a Personal Salary Impact Statement and how is it used in Global Mobility?

    Apr 08, 2019 @ 01:02 AM / by Gerald Abbey

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    What is a Personal Salary Impact Statement?

    This is information that an employer can offer an employee when relocating them from one location to another. This statement provides a sense of how the employee’s purchase power will be affected by the move.


    Why is a Personal Salary Impact Statement important when relocating?

    Personal Salary Impact Statements provide a transferee – international or domestic – with a clear explanation of how differences in income taxes and costs will financially affect the employee at his or her income and family size. By reviewing such a statement before initiating a move, both the employer and the employee will benefit from a better understanding of the true value of their new location’s compensation. With expectations aligned, the business can plan for higher success rates with international or domestic moves.


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    What types of issues can a Personal Salary Impact Statement help avoid?

    An employee might gross more if moved from a low to a high wage location. In some cases, this can boost the employee’s standard of living, but if the destination location is high-cost and has high income taxes, the employee may be worse off financially. Conversely, an employee might move from a high-wage to low-wage country and experience an increased standard of living if the destination is low cost. If an employee understands the financial impact of a transfer before they accept the offer, it may help alleviate problems later.

    You can review a sample impact statement below:


    AIRINC sample Personal Salary Impact Statement

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    How do you create a Personal Salary Impact Statement?

    Increasingly, employees expect to be able to access the information they need quickly and easily. AIRINC offers on-line tools that allow users to analyze the financial impact of a particular move with a few clicks. AIRINC can help configure the standard report into a Personal Impact Statement which “speaks” directly to the employee with personalized information on the potential impact of a transfer.

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