AIRINC recently hosted a group of EMEA Global Mobility Leaders to discuss Unleashing the Power of Mobility in 2021, moderated by Michael Joyce and Mike Wincott. The conversation focused on how Global Mobility can maintain and capitalise on the enhanced respect and recognition received during the pandemic.

Global Mobility's Changing Relationship to the Business

Global Mobility’s conversations with stakeholders at the start of the COVID pandemic were difficult due to the business not always appreciating the complexity of COVID restrictions and their impact on cross-border moves.

Over time, the business has gained a better understanding of the implications of sending employees abroad and the work involved for Global Mobility to make those moves happen.

Increased Complexity in Global Mobility Solutions

Since Global Mobility handles international assignments, it is increasingly assumed that they can manage ALL different types of working arrangements. Global Mobility needs to be creative problem-solvers to facilitate increasingly complex working arrangements. This level of service consumes many resources and Global Mobility is busier than ever, even though the volume of relocations is down.

The Changing Global Mobility Profile

Do we need a different profile or (upskilled) skillset for Global Mobility to meet the business’ future requirements and the industry’s changing expectations? Some are investing in technology to automate and reduce administrative tasks, to free up Global Mobility to use their specialist knowledge, creative problem-solving and strong inter-personal skills to manage the customer relationship with the business.

The Viability of New Working Arrangements

Employees and the business are expressing an increased interest in different working arrangements. Global Mobility needs to be involved in how these are structured and their impact on the employee’s remuneration. For roles that could feasibly be performed from another location, some are taking proactive steps towards establishing a formal approval process and guidelines for Virtual Assignments and Working From Anywhere to head-off any future problems or misunderstandings.

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