What are the predictions for the upcoming year from global mobility leaders?

    Mar 14, 2022 @ 01:36 PM / by Andrea Downing


    The results are in! AIRINC's 2022 Mobility Outlook Survey Report is now available!

    The Mobility Outlook Survey (MOS) is one of our most anticipated benchmark surveys each year. 

    AIRINC’s 2022 Mobility Outlook Survey is designed to provide an informed, objective analysis of mobility around the world by using data to help readers better understand the market and identify opportunities for growth.

    • How do you attract and retain talent in a changing landscape?
    • How can GM leaders ensure flexibility for both the business and the employee?
    • What are key global mobility initiatives?

    In addition

    • How can you partner with Talent Acquisition to rapidly deploy talent?
    • How is technology leveraged to improve the employee and business experience?
    • How are businesses incorporating diversity, equity, and inclusion into their Global Mobility programs?

    Read the full 2022 Mobility Outlook Survey to discover more valuable insights and to inform your organization’s mobility journey.

    MOS 2022 Download Now!



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    Andrea Downing

    Written by Andrea Downing

    Andrea joined AIRINC in 2014 as a Client Solutions Executive with over fifteen years’ experience in global mobility with expatriate data consultancies. Andrea is the first point of contact for clients within the EMEA region that are managing their first international assignments; she also develops relationships with partner companies in EMEA. Andrea’s experience ranges from conducting pricing surveys to managing consulting projects, providing a full understanding of all the issues clients face with cross-border moves. Andrea has a BSc (Hons) Degree in Biological Sciences from Middlesex University.