In August 2019, my partner received a job offer he couldn’t pass up, so I asked to relocate from Boston to New York City. Fortunately, AIRINC accepted my request to become a fully remote worker.

Higher cost of goods and housing

I went to college in Boston and I established a memorable post-college life there, so leaving was bittersweet. However, the excitement of a new place was overwhelming. Prior to moving, I was acutely aware of the higher costs of housing and goods and services since NYC is one of the most expensive places in the United States!

The relocation process was flawless. My partner’s company provided moving services (lifesaving!), a relator to help find housing in the city (surprisingly helpful), and a cash lump sum to cover temporary housing and any miscellaneous relocation fees. My stuff magically disappeared from Boston and reappeared in the new apartment in NYC (fantastic)!

Impact to net incomes - don't be blind-sided

The biggest shock was the impact on our net incomes. We knew NY had higher taxes, but it was difficult to estimate on our own. Luckily, working for AIRINC allowed me to use AIRINC’s Domestic Transfer Reports on the Salary Evaluation Tool and get a clear side-by-side comparison of taxes, goods and services, and housing cost. Having a clear and concise breakdown of the new tax amounts compared to our original location was very valuable. Anyone relocating would benefit from understanding the full impact of their move.

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