International remote work is now a part of Global Mobility’s lexicon. Employee requests to work from anywhere have become commonplace, and this type of work arrangement is often landing in the hands of Global Mobility due to its expertise on cross-border employment.


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Organizations have embraced international remote work to varying degrees. Download the report to understand if organizations are allowing international remote work, whether it’s viewed as an employee differentiator, and the parameters around its application.

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Webinar: Remote Work and Employee-Requested Mobility:

Attracting Talent Through Mobility

Session One: 5 October, 10:00 AM Boston / 4:00 PM Brussels

Session Two: 11 October, 10:00 AM Hong Kong

Learn how forward-thinking companies are creating mobility programs that offer a wider array of mobile opportunities. During this session, we will:

  • Review results from AIRINC's Benchmarks on Remote Work, and Employee-Requested Mobility,
  • Discover how employee-requested moves, work from anywhere options, developmental assignments, interns, and lower-cost packages are being actively used to attract and retain talent.
  • Use live polling to help build programs that employees truly value and create more mobile opportunities for all!

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