The latest results are in! Housing increases in Singapore, United Arab Emirates and more!

    Apr 06, 2023 @ 01:05 PM / by Meleah Paull

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    The latest results are in! Housing increases in Singapore, United Arab Emirates and more!

    Every quarter AIRINC provide data points update on our cost-of-living research including housing, goods & services, tax and research locations. This quarter’s cost of living research was conducted primarily in North America, Central and South America, the Middle East, Africa, and maritime Southeast Asia-Pacific

    Data Points q1 1 2023HOUSING UPDATE

    Snapshots of expatriate-quality rental markets around the world

    • United States: In many high-cost US metro areas, especially on the east and west coasts, rents have fallen or remained flat since August....
    • United Arab Emirates [RISING]: Dubai rents increased again for Q1 as demand for villas is high and the supply is still limited....
    • Singapore [RISING]: Tenants and rental agents have noted that there is high demand from all sectors and levels as the expatriate population continues to grow....

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    Highlights from AIRINC’s in-depth research

    • Following a 7.8 magnitude earthquake in February, the Turkish government declared a three-month long state of emergency in the 10 worst affected provinces....
    • See Goods and Services Inflation

    • See Selected locations with inflation higher than 5% for 6 months

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    Changes in expatriate tax

    • United States: At the Federal level for 2023, there have been inflation-indexing adjustments to tax brackets and the standard deduction.... read more for notable state tax developments
    • Belgium: Inflation-indexing has been applied to deduction maximums, the income splitting amount, tax credits based on family size, other credits, and tax brackets....
    • Singapore: There are two new top marginal rates, 23% and 24%, assessed at taxable incomes of SGD 500,000 and SGD 1,000,000, respectively....

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