China Air Travel Restrictions

    Jul 05, 2021 @ 07:28 AM / by Weston Hicks

    Shenzhen, China city skyline in the civic center district.

    China announced that it will begin requiring negative COVID-19 tests within 48 hours of departure from all inbound travelers from their last departure airport. Anyone flying into China on a non-direct flight will be required to get a rapid test in the layover city before they depart on their final flight into China or they must extend their layover to get a COVID test.

    How are other organizations dealing with these restrictions?

    1. Encourage travelers to book direct flights (where possible)
    2. Encourage travelers to book non-direct flights through airports with rapid testing capabilities. Business Traveller recently posted a list of airports and the typical cost for a test:
      • Cost of a rapid test ranges from EUR 40 to 200 and time for results vary by airport
    3. Provide travelers with an additional budget to account for testing costs and a possible hotel stay in a connecting city

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