Imagine… As a Global Mobility Expert, you get asked by the business to give more flexibility to determine the ideal mobility package, but at the same time, and with the increase in the customization of policies, they easily get lost and need your guidance to direct them towards the most appropriate policy / assignment type. 

Sounds familiar? This may very well be your reality!



The need for flexibility is more apparent than ever. Half of the companies in our recent Mobility Outlook Survey reported that Mobility is consulting with the business to explain available options and guide the best approach.

Companies are looking for advice on the right mobility package to offer and are seeking flexibility for the business to choose the right investment level. They want to understand assignment costs, model possibilities and get a recommendation on how to best support and compensate the employee. On top of that, there is also employee flexibility. Employees want to personalize their relocation benefits, select the delivery of those benefits and, in some cases, even choose when and from where they report to work.

How can you best support the business and provide clear guidance about the right mobility package in Global Mobility where the need for flexibility is one of the top priorities?



Having guiding questions that direct the business towards the most appropriate assignment type for the circumstances of an assignment helps to ensure that the right decisions are made and that you have consistent outcomes when employees in similar circumstances are considered for an international role. Clear guidance makes the process efficient, transparent, and consistent and improves communication, which is key in every organization.


We at AIRINC offer an online and data-driven decision-making tool called AIMS, which directs Talent, the Business, and HR to the ideal mobility solution. It also directs users to the package which best meets your talent and investment objectives. This is an interactive tool that can be highly customized. 

How does this work? Based on your mobility objectives, we will create the logic to communicate and partner with the business or any of your other internal customers. We define a series of questions to create a decision guide in close collaboration with you, we collect the data needed from you and AIRINC’s calculators, and then we configure this AIMS tool to match your desired pathways and recommendations. 

We have partnered with companies to customize the AIMS tool based on their objectives and needs to produce an assignment policy recommendation. One of them will be using this tool to address an assignment or talent acquisition need. 

If you want to learn more about our AIMS tool, feel free to contact us. We are happy to explore this option together with you and to identify the solution that best meets your needs and your internal customers’ needs.


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