2020 was not the year anyone expected

Remember the beginning of 2020? People commuted to work, traveled for leisure and business, and attended school, events, and get-togethers in-person. The world was normal in most respects before the COVID-19 pandemic changed everything, in many ways, forever.

Though the popularity of remote work had been rising, COVID-19 took it to a level few thought possible. Words mostly unfamiliar became commonplace, like synchronous and asynchronous work, remote learning, and virtual [insert any word you like, because it covered everything].

The differences and commonalities of life in 2020 were stark and that contrast of human experience in this uniquely strange year resonated across the globe.

The photos here-in are a small depiction of what life was like for the people of AIRINC. They frame the optimistic candor that we brought to our lives and work in a year unlike any other. We're sharing our contest here with you in the hope that it will bring a brightness to your day and a reminder that we're living in unique times, and that we will carry-on together to a new year full of hope and hopeful success.


Slideshow below!