Now Offering Electric Vehicle Allowances to Support Your Sustainable Efforts

AIRINC has always researched the cost of purchasing, operating, and maintaining gas/petrol-powered cars around the globe: we are now adding electric vehicles to our transportation product suite to help you achieve your ESG goals.

Including electric vehicles in our market basket allows us to offer you the following:

  • Automobile Purchase Price Report -- we have added electric vehicles to our worldwide reports showing average purchase prices by car type, giving you the information needed to support electric vehicle usage in your mobility program
  • Vehicle Cost Analysis Report
    • Lease / Financing Costs -- we have researched electric vehicle availability across the globe and are now providing the average lease / financing costs for a variety of electric vehicle types
    • Operations Costs -- using our worldwide cost research and utility data, we have built models to estimate the insurance, maintenance, and electricity costs required to operate electric vehicles in countries across the globe

Get in touch to learn more or contact your AIRINC representative to add electric vehicles to your dataset.


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Watch this space for upcoming sustainability enhancements on other AIRINC offerings, including the introduction of Furnishings Rental Reports.