Mission: impossible - Talent strategy alignment 


A large EMEA -based multinational company wanted to re-evaluate its existing mobility suite and align mobility to its talent strategy. 

A key part of the initial process was to understand the core vision and values of the organisation and link these to the objectives of the mobility function. Focus was placed on creating a mobility mission statement that had the global talent strategy at its heart. Every aspect of the programme could then be measured against that mission to make sure the entire programme was pulling in the same direction.

Creating a mobility mission based on the company vision and values helped gain initial buy in to change throughout the organisation; the clear message being that all parts of the business should share the same vision and values.

They then took steps to align with the overall talent agenda. Taking time to understand the talent mix within the company, a suite of flexible and purposeful policies was created. A robust automated decision guide was developed to ensure these policies were applied consistently. The guide generated clear decision pathways to minimise subjectivity and inconsistent treatment of employees.  

The mobility mission statement was then used as an anchor point for further improving the mobility programme; to ensure it was clear, transparent, and provided consistency across business lines, while remaining compliant. From communications material to operations, technology to vendor relationships, the mobility mission formed the yardstick to measure effectiveness and create the case for change.  

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