We have been watching top locations where companies send their key talent - view our interactive Goods & Services Inflation Tracker, which has been updated for this quarter based on the listed countries’ most recently published data.

Inflation Tapers

Inflation continues to taper off since the high from the end of 2022, as the countries in this list are either decreasing or holding steady.


Japan is the exception to the steady / decreasing trend!  It has slowly and steadily been climbing up from the bottom of this list to its current position at 4.6%.


The U.S.A. has made a significant drop from 7.6% down to 4.0% and sits at the bottom of the list with Saudia Arabia (2.1%) and China (1.8%). 

While they have both observed decreases in their inflation rates, the United Kingdom (8.7%) and Mexico (7.7%) continue to hold their respective first and second places for the third quarter in a row. France is new in third place at 6.7%


Interactive Inflation Tracker



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COLA Change Report 2021


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