Client Challenge:

A manufacturing company was opening a new office in an APAC country and relocating a group of employees from several other APAC countries. The company had access to local cost of labor for the new APAC location but needed to see how the local salaries would impact this group of employee’s current standard-of-living. They wanted to use both a cost of living data source and a cost of labor data source to help them arrive at the salary ranges for these positions in their new location.


AIRINC recommended the comparison of local housing, goods & services, and tax data between the relocating employee’s home locations and the new APAC office location.

The two-city local cost of living comparison, including tax details, allowed the company to analyze what salaries the employees would need to earn (based on cost of living) in order to maintain a similar standard-of-living and purchasing power.

This data also allowed the company to analyze their localized cost of labor salaries and determine how they should be adjusted for this group of relocating employees.

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