Kristiana studied economics at Simmons College in Boston. She joined AIRINC in 2016 as a Client Engagement Representative supporting clients in the U.S. North Central region before moving to the Product team in 2019 as a Product Manager.

In her current role, Kristiana helps with onboarding new clients that want to configure an AIRINC tool to the specifics of their own policies, saving them time and making the tools and reports efficient to use. More complicated customizations require her to act as the bridge and translator between the client and AIRINC's development team. She also supports the product team's innovation with market research and collecting feedback from clients and prospects on the problems that they are trying to solve with our existing tools, or the tools that are still in the dream phase of pre-development.


What is your favorite AIRINC tool?

Well -- can I have two favorites? I really like the Assignment Cost Estimator because it is so flexible. Clients' needs can vary so drastically and work with them to configure ACE to meet their needs exactly. There is logic sitting behind each line item and I help clients to determine what that logic is -- for example, a client configured a temporary living subsidy to include 45 days of per diem but 30 nights of hotel. Clients often have the reports customized with their own logos and in their branding.


OK -- and what's your other favorite AIRINC tool? 

I also really like AIMS as it's a product that I've been involved with since its inception. If I could rename it, I would call it "Decide!" because it provides all the information that you need to make informed decisions. AIMS can give you all the available data -- including calculations from other AIRINC tools like ACE -- to help you to make better decisions. It is completely configured to a client's needs so no two versions are the same.

We have one client that has gone beyond mobility and uses it as a tool for talent, helping the talent acquisition team and the business to determine the best move for an individual, or from where they should hire talent. Other companies are looking at AIMS as a possible decision tree to eliminate some of the back and forth that currently happens in their assignment planning; or to ensure consistency in their moves; or to help the business to follow their mobility policy guidelines. There are so many possible uses for this tool!


What is an exciting tool development that you've seen in your time at AIRINC?

I think our lump sum calculator is really useful for domestic relocations in the U.S.A, Canada, and Puerto Rico because all the data is readily available in it. Almost all clients using the lump sum calculator have it configured to their specific policy. Clients can also adjust the output to meet their needs: some have added an assignment letter that auto-populates directly from the lump sum report for their employee to sign directly.


Tell us a little bit about yourself

I recently bought a fixer-upper of a house, so I am learning a lot through all the work that we're doing on it! I have a dog, Sophie, who is part Pitbull / husky / German shepherd / chihuahua. She is a great "work buddy", except for when the mailman comes in the morning -- then it's barking chaos!


Sophie waiting for the mailman

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