This year’s Bay Area Mobility Management conference theme was Mission: Possible—Ignite Change and Drive Action.

It was held on March 20th in Burlingame, California, and this was my second BAMM conference as well as my second time presenting. I left last year with the impression that Mobility professionals in the Bay Area are curious, capable, and confidently driving change. This year left me reassured that the Bay Area is still ever committed to innovation and excellence in Global Mobility.

This year, I co-presented with Laura Bayne and Josh Hyatt of Odyssey Relocation on practical applications of AI within Mobility. So often we hear of ChatGPT and how it can make our lives easier… but how do we actually do that? How do we ask ChatGPT for help? Our session aimed to give tactical applications of Large Language Models within the Mobility space, focusing especially on prompt engineering. Our session was well attended and concluded with a fun cameo from Josh’s AI avatar. Even though AI has come so far, it’ll be exciting to see how much more it can improve in the months to come. Laura and I will be presenting a shortened version of this presentation on an upcoming webinar, so be sure to check it out if you are interested in learning more.


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Other great sessions from the day included a panel on maintaining employee happiness and satisfaction with employee-requested moves, as well as an interactive session on cost containment in an era focused on employee experience. In both sessions, I found the discussions afterwards with fellow attendees to be just as valuable as the information coming from presenters. BAMM attendees are great at digesting trends and placing them into their own program’s context. The dialog between presenter and attendee led to a fascinating conversation that highlighted the differences between theory and practicality in Global Mobility. 

Of course, a trip to the Bay Area wouldn’t be complete without trying some of the area’s amazing food. I’m happy to share that in between networking and presentation preparation, I was able to try an excellent burrito, phenomenal gelato, delicious pork bao buns, and plenty of Napa Valley wine. I’m already looking forward to next year’s event!


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