Earlier this summer, I had an amazing opportunity to speak with LATAMTalks about Data Analytics (DA) in Global Mobility. LATAMTalks is a networking group organized and facilitated by BrazilTalks that meets to discuss hot topics and best practices in global mobility in the region. The webinar is conducted in Spanish and included participants from all over the LATAM region. Most participants were already familiar with DA, so after a brief overview, we covered using it in the global mobility space. We reviewed the three basic categories of DA: Descriptive, Prescriptive, and Predictive, then discussed how each can be used. More importantly, we talked about ways we are probably already using DA!

We showed that DA is not an obscure topic and it can be within your reach no matter the size of your program. We want global mobility to embrace the tools and possibilities that come along with DA. The more comfortable you get with using DA, the more helpful it can be for your mobility program and the business.

Take a listen to the recording here! (en español, of course!)