In this "Have you met?" of an ongoing series, we meet Adam Silver. Based in the Boston office, Adam joined AIRINC in 2006.

What do you like about working at AIRINC?

My coworkers are terrific. In my 17 years here, I’ve gotten to work with a fantastic group of people and it’s a big reason why I’ve been here 17 years.

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What are your favorite AIRINC tools?

I think the Assignment Cost Estimator is great.  Easy to use, extremely configurable, fast and precise. Our tax team also does yeoman’s work supporting it and answering some very complex tax questions from clients!

How do you support your clients?

My philosophy on working with clients is to ensure that I am not only answering the questions that they ask, but asking myself, “What questions didn’t they ask?  Why did they ask me this?”. While sometimes a cigar is a cigar, often a specific issue that arises is actually symptomatic of a larger problem that needs to be solved. If we look for the unasked questions, we can often uncover what that larger problem is and really help our clients.

What problems have you helped your clients to solve?

Over the years, I have helped clients figure out new policies, stand up new compensation packages, deal with COLA and housing exception requests, wrestle with hyperinflation and parallel market exchange rates and more. I’ve met with angry expats in Ireland and gone on survey to gather data in their locations.

challahAdam, Tell us something about yourself?

I am an avid cook. I make my own bacon, tomato sauce, pickles, bread and do pretty much all the cooking in my household. I get a ton of satisfaction making food for my family and friends. I have two shelves of cookbooks for food from all over the world in a bookshelf in my kitchen and I’m always looking for new ones. Recommendations in the comments are welcome!  

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