Communication Strategies For Smooth Group Moves

    Jul 15, 2021 @ 02:56 PM / by Grace Kernohan



    This past year, many companies have been presented with a pandemic-produced opportunity to relocate their office. Due to the attractiveness of remote work, cost of office spaces, and other factors, office relocations seem to be more popular than ever. Companies that decided to take the plunge and relocate to another city and/or state have all realized that communicating the change to their employees is a crucial factor of the move’s overall success. After all, group moves rely on some, if not all, existing talent continuing with the company in the new location for it to be successful.

    How to communicate?

    Custom Brochure

    One strategy for a successful group move is to provide employees with a custom brochure providing the benefits and appealing factors of the new job location. The brochure can include topics of concern for employees relocating, such as finding housing in the new city. To address this, we recommend researching housing availability for rentals and purchases. For those companies with a large population of families, we recommend researching public and private schools in the area to include in the brochure as it can help win over those impacted employees. AIRINC can help you anticipate what is important to your employees and create a document that can answer those questions in an easy-to-read format. By providing answers before your employees can ask the questions, your company demonstrates their commitment to its employees.


    Another option of communicating change is through videos. Custom created videos are a great, employee-friendly way of introducing important information relevant to the group move. Videos can include all the same information from the brochure, with the added benefit of using upbeat music and bright colors to reinforce the move as a positive change. Additionally, you can introduce the employee to the new job site by including videos of the new location, giving them a virtual tour to help drum up excitement.

    Both brochures and videos can be created with your company’s colors and designed to align with your company’s branding. Creating and providing a brochure or a video is an excellent way to demonstrate to your talent population that you have considered their needs and are invested in them joining you on the journey.

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    Grace Kernohan

    Written by Grace Kernohan

    Grace Kernohan is a Senior Manager of Advisory Services at AIRINC. She joined AIRINC in the fall of 2017 working in Client Engagement, and transitioned to Advisory Services in April 2020. She specializes in consulting and benchmarking, focusing on policy reviews, market alignment, and mobility communications. She has worked on a range of projects, including NGO policy suite revisions and pharmaceutical M&A mobility function consulting. She has also traveled internationally performing cost-of-living surveys. She graduated from Union College in 2017 with a Bachelor of Science in mathematics and economics. She is based in Boston, MA.