Meleah, AIRINC is better known for international data, but could you tell us about AIRINC's domestic data?

We have robust domestic offerings for COLA, long-term housing, per diem, and hardship data, which are used in a variety of products. We continually add more locations and adapt to client needs. For example, we’re currently working on implementing a new data set for domestic shipping that is more targeted.

How many US and Canadian locations does AIRINC cover?

Across our products, we support over 850 US and Canadian locations. Our research and data teams collect raw prices, review published data, and monitor market reports and trends. Our data teams have a wealth of experience, providing a solid basis to contextualize that information and keep all those settings up to date.

What is the most remote domestic location AIRINC has researched?

Utqiagvik, AK, U.S.A., is one of the more remote locations we have set for COLA in the United States. It’s north of the Arctic Circle, if that gives you an idea of how remote it is!

How have recent inflation hikes impacted the cost of living?

The pandemic years were unusual and unpredictable. The cost of basic goods like eggs and meat rose rapidly, while rent changed dramatically in some places as workers took advantage of work-from-home policies. More recently, the upswing in interest rates for home purchases has also impacted the rental market, and global energy markets continue to be volatile, affecting utility prices. However, inflation seems to be settling down now and approaching the rhythms of a new normal. We constantly monitor trends and provide interim updates when needed.

What led you to pursue a career in data?

I studied international affairs, and I’ve always been interested in data-driven approaches, so AIRINC was a natural fit. I started as a researcher, then progressed to goods and services analyst, then housing manager, before my current role. It has been satisfying to see the data cycle from collection to analysis and implementation.


When the data analysis is complete, what do you enjoy doing in your free time?

I moved to California a couple of years ago, so I like to take advantage of the diversity of the state, both in cultures and geography. There is so much good food to try and great hiking trails, from the coast to the mountains.