Our Goal is Your Goal

    Jan 27, 2023 @ 03:40 AM / by Kristiana Messuri

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    Our Goal is Your Goal

    AIRINC’s product team continually collaborates with clients to ensure our tools meet your evolving needs. Our innovation doesn't stop with a product launch: we are constantly refining our tools to support clients' global mobility programs and help them meet their goals.

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    2022 was filled with client-driven tool enhancements – read on to learn how you can benefit from these improvements!

    Estimate Assignment Costs:

    • Run instant cost estimates for domestic and international one-way transfers
    • Understand and explain cost estimate specifics using AIRINC's tax details report
    • Incorporate more precise airfare costs using AIRINC's machine learning technology



    Digitally advise your business on mobility options and guide them to the right decisions using AIRINC's AIMS technology:  



    Integrate AIRINC data via API in Assignee Management Systems tools like Equus' AssignmentPro.


    Customize AIRINC's COLA Change Reports to meet your program's needs:  

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    Help employees enter high-cost housing markets using AIRINC's Home Purchase Differential report:

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    Refine your Per Diem using a break down of specific individual meals:

    STA breakdown


    Run a more sustainable mobility program:

    sustain for the new blog


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    Kristiana Messuri

    Written by Kristiana Messuri

    Kristiana began working at AIRINC in 2016 in the Client Engagement and Advisory Services groups, specializing in supporting clients of varying mobility program sizes in a diverse number of industry sectors through projects and day-to-day support management. Since 2019, she has worked on the Product Management & Innovation team, specializing in the onboarding and configuration of clients onto AIRINC solutions, specifically the Assignment Cost Estimator (ACE), International Assignment Calculator (IAC), and Lump Sum solutions. She has assisted in successfully onboarding and configuring over 30 clients of all program sizes onto AIRINC’s solutions and has provided support during recent API implementations. She is also heavily involved in the continuous improvements and enhancements made to AIRINC’s current solutions, specifically ACE, along with supporting the creation of new solutions driven by market research and analysis.