AIRINC’s product team continually collaborates with clients to ensure our tools meet your evolving needs. Our innovation doesn't stop with a product launch: we are constantly refining our tools to support clients' global mobility programs and help them meet their goals.

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2022 was filled with client-driven tool enhancements – read on to learn how you can benefit from these improvements!

Estimate Assignment Costs:

  • Run instant cost estimates for domestic and international one-way transfers
  • Understand and explain cost estimate specifics using AIRINC's tax details report
  • Incorporate more precise airfare costs using AIRINC's machine learning technology



Digitally advise your business on mobility options and guide them to the right decisions using AIRINC's AIMS technology:  



Integrate AIRINC data via API in Assignee Management Systems tools like Equus' AssignmentPro.


Customize AIRINC's COLA Change Reports to meet your program's needs:  

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Help employees enter high-cost housing markets using AIRINC's Home Purchase Differential report:

2022 Home Purchase Differential screenshot-1


Refine your Per Diem using a break down of specific individual meals:

STA breakdown


Run a more sustainable mobility program:

sustain for the new blog


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