Jeff Hawk

Jeff joined AIRINC in 1992 as a Client Service Manager for clients in the consumer goods, energy and financial services industries. He has spent 20 years in Client Services helping design customized data systems to support client requirements. Jeff was Managing Director of AIRINC Europe S.A. in Brussels, Belgium, from 2005 to 2010 where he led a U.S.- and European-based Client Services group specializing in managing European-headquartered companies. He has travelled to more than fifty countries and has appeared as a speaker before various seminars and conferences, presenting in English and French. Upon his return from Brussels, Jeff was instrumental in driving the newly-established Analysis & Delivery (A&D) unit which has helped AIRINC streamline data analysis support and delivery. Beginning in 2013, Jeff led AIRINC’s Data and Analysis group which includes all data collection, analysis, and delivery. In 2018 Jeff assumed responsibility for the North America region where he greatly expanded AIRINC’s client base while maintaining AIRINC’s signature service levels. Jeff received his B.S. in Accounting and B.A. in French from the University of Utah, and his M.B.A. from Bentley University.

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