Since April, Singapore has substantially eased inbound travel rules for fully vaccinated travellers. Air passenger volume at Singapore Changi Airport rose to pre-COVID-19 levels and to nearly 40% of pre-pandemic business in April. With the resumption of international travel and easing of community COVID-19 restrictions, it is a major step towards normalcy for people in Singapore and for Global Mobility within APAC.

We are working with many Global Mobility professionals in Singapore and APAC looking at ways to improve their global mobility programmes as international relocations resume. Organizations are faced with challenges such as containing costs and are exploring other alternatives to traditional assignment packages.

One of the common compensation alternatives are Local-plus packages, where a local salary is used as a base when calculating compensation packages for assignments while adding on ‘plus’ elements such as Housing and Education.

To help you navigate these challenges, here are some ways AIRINC can help you with your Local-plus assignments to Singapore or any other location in the world:

  • If you need to build a host salary package to preserve the assignee’s purchasing power or assess it with the offered salary, try our Host Pay Calculator 
  • If your mobility program needs a housing refresh, especially with rental costs increasing in Singapore, or informational about international schools, get in touch with us!