Good news! The Hong Kong office obtained the title of "Hong Kong Green Organisation" for 2022 Hong Kong Awards for Environmental Excellence (HKAEE) and Hong Kong Green Organisation Certification.

The HKAEE is an annual award which aims to encourage companies and organisations to adopt green management, benchmark their performance with the best practices within their sectors, and recognise the achievements of the best-performing companies and organisations.

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Our ‘green team’ at AIRINC promotes sustainable business practices within our organization. AIRINC cares about the global community we operate in and accepts our corporate responsibility to address both global and local community needs. We are committed to social, environmental, and economic sustainability. We drive action internally and externally to ensure we preserve the ability for future generations to live and thrive.

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To fulfill the goals determined by the Green Team, our Hong Kong office undertook some ‘green actions’ internally and externally this year. Internally, the Hong Kong office set up green office guidelines to raise our staff awareness on waste management, green procurement of goods and services and energy saving. We encouraged our staff to join the sustainability development in the office by contributing ideas for waste management, green procurement and energy saving in their living style.

I attended the presentation Ceremony at Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre today and was delighted to receive our commendation.

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To read more about sustainability and global mobility download our white paper here.

Sustainability is often thought about purely in the context of the environment. However, sustainability has multiple facets. There are many different ways to describe how organizations can achieve sustainable operations, but the most commonly accepted approach is to consider the company’s Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) strategy. This report highlights key themes to think about and examples of how we see leading companies make tangible steps to develop strategies for all three ESG pillars.


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