I had the amazing opportunity to travel to South America and host AIRINC’s first ever roundtables in Brazil and Argentina. Alongside Brazil Talks, AIRINC hosted a roundtable event for corporate global mobility professionals in Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, and in Buenos Aires. 

It was a great opportunity for professionals in the area to get together and discuss mobility trends and the latest changes in different housing markets. We had excellent participants at the events and each brought their own unique perspectives and insights to the table.

First up: São Paulo

The round table event in São Paulo was a great success! The group had an insightful discussion and talked about some of the challenges they are seeing in the housing market. They all agreed that the home-finding trip was crucial in making sure the family sets the right expectations for life in Brazil.

Participants discussed how to handle some tough real-life housing issues. Many mentioned that they rely heavily on their vendors and their partners to help navigate housing challenges. Having a great relationship with your data and housing vendors can help work through expat’s housing concerns — from adjusting a housing budget due to a growing family to ensuring that assignees find the right housing option for their family.

How do you handle quick-changing housing markets?

Be sure to follow us to read about Rio de Janeiro next!

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