Where did your city land?

AIRINC recently released its annual Global 150 Cities Index of top cities that have the ideal combination of high salaries, low taxes, goods & services costs, and quality of life. Here are some notable movers and shakers!

Cities added to the top 10 from each continent

  • Berlin, Germany up 9 places to 6
  • Toronto, Ontario, Canada up 5 places to 7
  • Melbourne, Australia up 8 places to 10
  • Singapore up 2 places to 9

Which cities lost their place in the top 10? U.S. cities suffered the biggest hit!

  • New York, New York, U.S. dropped 4 places to 11
  • Vienna, Austria dropped 3 spots to 12
  • Houston, Texas, U.S. dropped 5 spots to 13
  • Denver, Colorado, U.S. dropped 5 spots to 15

This year’s top 10 is dominated by Europe. With no cities in the top 10, what went wrong for the U.S.? Due to the increasingly divided political situation in the U.S., there was a slight increase in hardship, which resulted in a slightly lower lifestyle score.

The USD lost value relative to a number of other currencies in the last year, which affected the relative value of both salaries and costs. These effects may seem quite small in the bigger picture, but the top-end rankings are very close and small changes can lead a location to lose multiple places.

Where did your city rank?

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