AIRINC head to Barcelona next week for the 14th Annual edition of the 'HRcoreREWARD' seminar.

AIRINCers Bruno Lagasse and Kevin Theissen will present:

Time to Rethink How You set compensation Levels: a focus on inflation

AIRINC's recent Pulse Survey show that companies increasingly use cost of living data to support their organization’s compensation philosophy. 

During our session we will discuss:

  • How and when it can be used as an additional input, with a focus on inflation.
  • How it affect employees purchasing power and what are the possible remedies.


Can't make it to Barcelona but have questions on compensation? These are the typical challenges AIRINC can help with:

  • How can I evaluate pay when transferring employees internationally or domestically?
  • What do I need to pay an employee in a remote work location?
  • How is inflation affecting my workforce's compensation?
  • How do I assess the impact of inflation across different salary levels?
  • How can I fairly adjust reward payments across all locations?
  • How can I adapt salary structures within the same country, to account for geographic cost differences?
  • How do I evaluate salary structures globally for equality?


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