In this "Have you met?" of an ongoing series, we meet Gwen Ryan. Based in the Boston office, Gwen joined AIRINC in 1995.

Tell us about your role at AIRINC.

I am the Senior Director of Software Engineering Operations, working within all aspects of AIRINC’s development function, supporting internal processes and production as well as client facing solutions.


Gwen (acoaxet)


What do you like about working at AIRINC?

There is so much to like, but what I really love, as nerdy as it sounds, is global mobility data at its core. From collection to analysis, to the advancing technology that ties it together, it is all so interesting. Some of the most intelligent people I know work at AIRINC, which is an environment that fosters learning and growth, not just for our own staff but for the clients we support. From global understanding to data intricacies, to the perpetually evolving tech world, there is so much to be challenged by, and so much to absorb.

What are your favorite AIRINC tools?

I do have a bias, having been involved in the initial launch years ago, but my favorite AIRINC online solution is ACE, our Assignment Cost Estimator. It is one of the most flexible and configurable of our tools, with an unbelievably robust tax engine that is unmatched in the marketplace.

How do you support your clients?

I support our client and partner base through technical implementations and configurations. However, my favorite client support aspect involves troubleshooting and problem-solving—if I can’t figure out the answer, I know someone who can. I also support many of the “behind the scenes” aspects for our clients’ data and solutions, which includes process improvements and optimizations.

What problems have you helped your clients solve?

Through product configuration combined with API integrations, my team has helped our clients in a multitude of creative ways. By establishing policy-level compensation and estimation processes, decision guides, and customized reporting and interfaces, we have addressed many complex requirements.

Gwen (kids)

Gwen, tell us something about yourself.

I am currently based in Boston U.S.A. with my awesome family comprised of my spouse, three kids, and sweet dog – but my preferred location is a tiny little town on Buzzards Bay, where I have a tiny little house. When I’m not sitting at a desk (or fostering puppies), I like to be moving at all times…running, biking, hiking, skiing, traveling, anything to keep active!

Gwen (dog)
 Gwen (acoaxet map)