AIRINC's EMEA Deputy Region Leader: Bruno Lagasse

BrunoAIRINC is pleased to announce that Bruno Lagasse is the new Deputy Region Leader for EMEA. For the last six years, Bruno has been leading the Client Engagement group. With this promotion, he will act as second-in-command to Steve Brink who has been acting as the EMEA Regional Leader. Bruno will be involved in overall EMEA strategy, marketing/messaging, business development, production, and maintaining oversight role of Client Engagement.

With over 15 years' experience, Bruno brings a solid understanding of the mechanics of mobility combined with a robust experience at engaging with companies and partners in all industries. This experience will serve him well in his new role.

Bruno joined AIRINC in 2005. With his constantly-increasing skills set and significant exposure to the Global Mobility world, he is a go-to person for AIRINC colleagues around the globe. He also has demonstrated a strong background in leading and growing people and teams. Bruno has been key in supporting and assisting organizations with their ever-evolving mobility needs and changes to their strategy.

A sampling of key clients that Bruno has helped include: Unilever, Repsol, Philip Morris International (PMI), Japan Tobacco International (JTI), HSBC, and Solvay SA. Bruno has been key in more than doubling AIRINC's business and clients in EMEA.

Statement from Steve Brink, AIRINC's CEO:

“Over the past few years, we have provided Bruno with ever-increasing responsibility in the EMEA leadership. Each time, Bruno exceeds our expectations. This newly-created Deputy role is an acknowledgement of his personal growth and standing within the company. We are excited about the future of Bruno as he becomes an even greater influence and integral member of the Global Executive Leadership team of AIRINC.”

Statement from Bruno Lagasse, Deputy Region Leader, EMEA

“We take the time that is needed to do what we think is right and to do it well. We take the time to take a step back, sit down, listen, understand the needs, and see how can help each other. This is true for our clients, our partners, and our colleagues. This is how AIRINC has been successful so far and I strongly believe that this how we will be successful in the future. I very much hope I can help our EMEA region maintain that invaluable legacy.”

Congratulations to Bruno!

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