Be Limitless in 2021! 

The possibilities for Global Mobility in 2021 are almost endless. The opportunities are so great, prioritizing the roadmap for next year and beyond will be a happy challenge. Why this optimism? Global Mobility is no longer a hidden gem. We are now out in the open fully able to shine. This is the happy accident that the pandemic has given us. Global Mobility has so much value to add, and leadership now sees that.

In addition, advancements in technology, services, and solutions are accelerating global mobility’s ability to add and to demonstrate value even more. Now is the time to capitalize on this, transforming global mobility into a truly valued function.


Define your Mission

We can shine even brighter in 2021 if we leverage 2020 as the springboard to the future. The pandemic caused mobility chaos, stranding employees and causing huge barriers to mobility. When mobility was called on to assist, leadership saw just how much knowledge and expertise the function truly had. Leadership spent more time with global mobility than ever before, and mobility gained enhanced respect; use it.

Now is the time to engage leadership to mutually define the value that global mobility adds and define a path forward for success. By understanding how mobility enhances the company’s ability to acquire talent, to deploy employees, to develop capabilities, and to meet business objectives, you can clearly define your mission forward. Stretch that definition to include what successful mobility outcomes look like. Brand your function around that definition of value and strive to deliver on it every day.


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