AIRINC's 2023 Mobility Outlook Survey showed that international one-way transfers are one of the fastest growing policy types: 71% of respondents already have an international one-way transfer in their policy suite and 55% are anticipating increasing their usage.

By their very nature, employees moving on a one-way transfer will be moving to a new compensation scheme in line with the new host location. Both the company and the employee need these transfers to be successful. As the compensation expert, how can you set the pay level and know that you are offering the right package?


With AIRINC’s Global Salary Comparison (GSC), you can run a report that helps to assess compensation for differences in:

  • Income tax
  • Goods and services
  • Housing costs

All you need to input are the employee’s salary and family size. AIRINC’s GSC has all of the cost-of-living data and tax calculations to produce a report for over 1.6 million city combinations.


What is more, you can run the report using our default settings or configure the calculations and output to your company policies.


If you are a potential vendor partner, or a corporate Global Mobility, Human Resources, or Compensation professional, contact us to receive a free report. One of our team members will reach out to gather the necessary information to run a sample calculation for you.


Global Salary Comparison Free Report


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