Run instant cost estimates with AIRINC’s Assignment Cost Estimator (ACE). ACE offers a full tax engine combined with all of the allowance data that you need to run a complete estimate in seconds.  ACE can be quickly configured* to your policies so you can start using the tool without a lengthy implementation.

Finally, you can have instant access to high quality cost estimates tailored to your policies!

Research Methods

ACE is backed by AIRINC’s trusted research methods:

  • Full tax engine – tax rates, taxability logic, exemptions, tax treaties and expatriate tax rulings
  • Relocation and Compensation data – allowances, relocation costs, and other data required to complete an estimate

Access to ACE

You can access ACE via AIRINC’s website, white-labeled to your brand, SSO or API to your system and run cost estimates for the most common policy types:

  • International Short-Term Assignments
  • International Commuter Assignments
  • International Long-Term Assignments
  • International One-Way Transfers
  • International Host Plus
  • U.S. Domestic Transfers

AIRINC has been a tax and data provider for over six decades. Contact us to find out how our trusted ACE offerings can help you.

* Coming soon: self-configuration for even faster implementation times!

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