Run instant cost estimates with AIRINC’s Assignment Cost Estimator (ACE). ACE offers a full tax engine combined with all of the allowance data that you need to run a complete estimate in seconds.

ACE is backed by AIRINC’s trusted research methods:

  • Full Tax Engine – tax rates, taxability logic, exemptions, and tax concessions
  • Relocation and Compensation Data – allowances, relocation costs, and other data required to complete an estimate

You can access ACE via AIRINC’s website, SSO or API to your system and run cost estimates for the most common policy types:

  • International Short-Term Assignments
  • International Commuter Assignments
  • International Long-Term Assignments
  • International One-Way Transfers
  • International Host Plus
  • U.S. Domestic Transfers

ACE is easily configured to match:

  • Your policies
  • Your tax positions
  • Your branding

ACE is a complete solution that can be used off the shelf with pre-configured options or can quickly be configured to match your specific policies.

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