I typically write a blog about a specific topic. This time I am not...

You probably know what it is like to scan through a ton of e-mails and when you finally think you have read the last one and feel relieved that you are all caught up, you realize that another twenty new e-mails are sitting in your Inbox waiting for your attention.  
Some days you are in back-to-back meetings and, when you reach the end of the day, you have this feeling of satisfaction, but at the same time the day has got away from you, and it feels like you have made no progress at all.
These are just a few examples that I’m sure you can relate to. As a Global Mobility specialist, you often need to manage and satisfy various people in your organization:  
  • The assignees who are complaining that their allowances are too low.
  • The business that wants better cost predictability and an increase of the speed to deploy talent.
  • Talent that wants to better align the mobility program with the talent strategy. 

On top of that, you also have a family that needs your full attention. Oh yes, and let’s not forget you need some food on the table, so rush to the supermarket just before closing time and come back home only to realize you forgot something!

It all sounds so familiar, doesn't it?

What l simply want to say here is: take a deep breath and a moment for yourself😉 You deserve it. And remember: You are doing a good job! 

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Photo by my colleague Mike Wincott of the joyful Brussels Bright Festival.