Data Points: A Selection of AIRINC Research Results

Every quarter AIRINC provide a data points update on our cost of living research including housing, goods & services, tax and research locations. This quarter’s cost of living research was conducted primarily in Europe, Asia, and mainland Southeast Asia.

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Need a snapshot of expatriate-quality rental markets around the world?

Warsaw, Poland
The rental market in Warsaw has been hectic over the past 3 months, ever since the Russian-Ukrainian war escalated. Rental inflation is up, and the highest inflation is happening in the more central areas. There has been an influx of refugees and companies from both Ukraine and Russia relocating to Warsaw, which is causing a major spike in demand across properties of all income levels... Read more country updates here.



Highlights from AIRINC’s in-depth research

Russia-Ukraine War’s Effect On Global Food Supply
The war in Ukraine continues to undermine the global food supply. Russia and Ukraine produce and sell approximately 30% of the global wheat supply and Ukraine provides approximately 40% of the world’s sunflower oil. The disruption caused by the crisis has led to a series of protectionist export bans in countries concerned about their own dwindling supply of foodstuffs and an inability to provide for the populace as importing becomes more difficult and expensive... Read more country updates here.

What are Worldwide Goods and Services Inflation rates?
Selected locations with inflation higher than 5% for 6 months:

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Need to see 3-month Exchange Rate fluctuations of more than 5%? Read more here.



What are the recent changes in expatriate tax?

Family allowances increased slightly. Tax rates and brackets are unchanged. The Low- and Middle-Income Tax Offset (LMITO) expired for the 2022/2023 tax year. The Low-Income Tax Offset (LITO) is unchanged. The net effect is a small increase in income tax for taxpayers with income below AUD 126,000. Employees do not have compulsory contributions to social security (superannuation). Read more on country expat tax here.

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