What will you focus on for 2022?

To kick-start a new year of Mobility, we asked organizations about their resolutions for 2022, and the responses might surprise you.

New year, New GM: Whether it’s using technology to automate data, giving assignment policies a sleek new look, or providing functionality that allows assignees to self-serve, about half of all organizations in our most recent poll report a trend in modernizing Global Mobility’s perception and approach.

Challenging the status quo: Many GM teams are looking to invest time creating and reviewing their policies on DE&I, Remote Work, and Sustainability, allowing Global Mobility to act as a strategic partner within the business and drive organizational change. About 25% of poll respondents are focusing on improving the assignee experience and/or reviewing assignment policies in the coming months.

Knowledge Sharing: A common resolution across GM teams for 2022 has been to take a proactive stance: keeping on top of market trends, collecting analytics, and reviewing competitive compensation positions within the market.

How can we help your team achieve their New Year goals for 2022?



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