Domestic relocation has fundamentally changed since the pandemic. People’s lack of willingness to relocate, the desire to work remotely, and the high cost of housing have forced companies to reevaluate if policies are fit for purpose. 

Our latest download explores five ways to optimize your Domestic Relocation Program. Explore each approach further in our blog series.

5. Address Location Challenges

High housing costs and the remote nature of some locations can be significant barriers for individuals considering a move for a new job opportunity. However, forward-thinking organizations are finding creative ways to overcome these obstacles and entice talented individuals to embrace new possibilities.

To support talent acquisition efforts, companies are implementing or adapting targeted benefits that directly address the housing cost issue. For instance, offering mortgage subsidies or incent-to-rent programs can provide much-needed financial relief, making the idea of relocating more financially feasible for potential employees.

Additionally, cost of living payments can help offset the increased expenses associated with living in certain high cost areas. By tailoring these benefits to suit individual  needs, companies demonstrate their commitment to ensuring a smooth and attractive relocation process.

By downloading our white paper, you can explore all five core innovations in domestic relocation strategy in greater detail. Discover how companies have successfully adapted to the changing landscape, embraced new approaches, and achieved their strategic objectives. Stay ahead of the curve by implementing these innovative strategies and ensuring a seamless relocation experience for your employees.

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