According to AIRINC's 2022 Mobility Outlook Survey, cost predictability is a hot topic. While AIRINC’s Assignment Cost Estimator (ACE) tool helps companies facilitate projecting the cost of a global move per employee, what are companies’ options when they need to move talent from multiple locations for a project?

We were recently approached with a similar challenge and asked if there was a way to leverage ACE within their internal technology for the thousands of global moves they process each year. They were thrilled when we shared they can utilize our Assignment Cost Estimator (ACE) via API (web service).

The benefits for the client were:

  • forecast the cost of a project for bids by requesting batches of cost estimates at the same time
  • design their user interface (UI) experience for internal staff who are creating estimates
  • decide what information they want to store for tracking actuals against initial projections

In the end, the client was able to deliver cost predictability for project bids within their own technology without having to develop their own cost estimate solution saving them both time and money.

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