We were thrilled to be in Sydney for the Jasper Global Mobility Forum in June, following our successful event in Melbourne last May. As proud sponsors of the event, Jason had the opportunity to share his insights on revolutionizing mobility programs and predicting the future of mobility alongside our respected partner for the Australia and New Zealand market, Lorraine Jennings.

Throughout the full-day event, we delved into various topics including ESG, talent attraction, and retention. These topics sparked engaging discussions among the many mobility professionals attending from both Australia and New Zealand.


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During our 30-minute presentation, we actively engaged with our audience and conducted live polling sessions to gather their valuable feedback on their program's focus.


It was not surprising to see that the majority of the responses (54%) highlighted the importance of utilizing dynamic technology as the first step towards revolutionizing their mobility. Following closely behind was the need to be flexible in order to address volatility (38%). These results mirror the feedback we received from the Jasper Melbourne event, further emphasizing the significance of these priorities in the mobility industry. 


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We are excited to connect with even more individuals in the Australia and New Zealand regions. Join us at the upcoming Perth Jasper event on October 19th and come see what AIRINC has to offer!


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