Technology was the theme at the Expat Academy event this week, where Michael Joyce and I had the privilege to present. To kick start our discussion about technology enhancements in the Global Mobility space, we looked at some of the results of our 2022 Mobility Outlook Survey.

Seventy percent of companies have been responding to the immediate need for remote work capabilities between early 2020 and now by building out international or domestic remote work policies – or both! Improved technology is enabling remote work to occur within the organization. To that same end, although technology enhancements have consistently been a top priority for Global Mobility teams in recent years, the sudden and immediate need for remote work in 2020 served as the catalyst that required technology improvements to be prioritized. Today we are seeing a flurry of action in the technology improvements space across organizations.

While many firms are making shifts towards data integration in their existing software via an Application Programming Interface (API), the improvement of technology means different things to different companies. Some are reviewing the employee experience by transitioning to interactive online policies, while others are using technology to improve upon their wider organizational goals. Improved technology for tracking, metrics, and reporting is essential to help the Global Mobility function outline and achieve work related to Sustainability, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, and Return on Investment.


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