AIRINC recently interviewed six Mobility leaders to learn how they are optimizing their Mobility functions. This interview highlights the third of our 6-part series, where we discussed how Mobility leads the future of work.   

This interview was with Stephanie, who runs Mobility Operations for a large tech company. To her, an optimal program leverages technology to create a seamless experience. 

Her organization is fully embracing a globally distributed workforce and, with their compliance expertise, Stephanie’s team is well-positioned to lead the charge. They are considering technology options that will help administer and advertise the program, including market solutions and internal development. The goal is to inform employees of remote work possibilities and conditions and help them navigate through the request process. Simultaneously, Stephanie is auditioning assignment management technology with multiple outcomes in mind. 

Her ideal platform will minimize duplicate record keeping and manual work and allow the team to mine for data insights that can help the business make talent decisions. 

We appreciate Stephanie for sharing their short-term and long-term strategies with us so we can showcase insights and inspiration for professionals embarking on their own Mobility optimization journey.



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