Once again, the Global Mobility Roundtable in Singapore was a resounding success!

A heartfelt thank you to each and every one of you who graced the session with your invaluable insights, expertise, and best practices from within your organizations.

We presented the insights and findings from our 2024 Mobility Outlook (release later this week) and Short-Term Assignments Survey, with a specific focus on the APAC region.

Key Takeaways:

  • Mobility's Focus: The importance of aligning Mobility's function to your mission and vision.
  • Flexibility & Employee Experience: Organizations that practice flexibility such as having a core/flex program, guidelines or making exceptions has led to a positive effect helping to achieve the goal of a good employee experience.
  • Short-term Assignments: Short-term assignments are still a vital aspect of global talent deployment, offering flexibility and cost-effectiveness for organizations. 
  • Predictions for the year ahead: Re-design mobility programs to be mindful of employee's cultural requirements and expectations (DE&I) along with pushing AI in Mobility forward!

Please get in touch with Lynette Laurence if you would like to attend our next roundtable in Singapore!

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Webinar: 2024 Mobility Outlook Survey - APAC Results: Register

March 26 at 10am Hong Kong / 1pm Sydney

Why not join us as we compare the results for APAC against the global results of AIRINC's 2024 Mobility Outlook Survey, including:

  • Mobility's broad spectrum of activities
  • Ensuring flexibility and a meaningful employee experience
  • Leveraging the right resources to solve complex mobility issues