On October 13th, AIRINC hosted our first live benchmarking event. We conducted the session to help mobility professionals address U.S. domestic relocation challenges resulting from the pandemic and the rise of remote work. It’s a subject that is top of mind for many mobility professionals as they partner with Talent Acquisition to fill a significant number of vacancies. Relocation delays, challenging housing markets, and employee requests to commute rather than relocate created a need for knowledge.  

Clients were asking how other companies manage these scenarios and were wondering if their approach was competitive. In less than an hour, attendees gained practical insights that they could immediately apply to their programs. 

How it worked

  • Participants logged into the call, clicked a link in the chat box, and completed a 10-question survey as we provided clarifications and examples for some of the more complex questions.
  • The commentary and group participation ensured all individuals had the same understanding of the question. This is an advantage over traditional benchmarking where individuals complete the survey alone and may interpret questions or answers differently than others.
  • Once all questions were answered, we shared results on the screen and sent a report to attendees.  

Participant feedback

Multiple participants commented that they liked the format and experience. They received instant results and the chat feature provided an opportunity for attendees to exchange ideas. 

Everyone wants information as fast as possible and using the latest survey technology enables us to quickly produce data that meets our quality standards.   

We’re delighted that attendees found the session valuable. And if the demand exists, we would like to host future sessions. 

What mobility challenge are you looking to solve for your organization? 


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