As 2022 was wrapping up, we polled all AIRINCers for their predictions on what the Global Mobility industry would be focused on and challenged by in 2023. We are using the results to help our mobility community with resources to get the year started off right.  

What did our colleagues predict?

Our colleagues overwhelmingly expect the mobility industry to continue to be addressing the impact of high inflation. To help our mobility community, we're maintaining a quarterly Goods & Services Inflation Tracker -- come take a look to see the levels of inflation in the top talent locations.  We are also offering a refresher on the basics of inflation and the COLA: be sure to (re)watch our webinar. If you need an overview of the key things you should know about inflation and your global mobility program, read our helpful paper.

AIRINC colleagues also expect that companies may be challenged by a global recession and its impact on mobility. Can Mobility continue to grow into its strategic role or will there be more focus on containing costs? The ability to run timely and accurate cost estimates is important in the assignment-planning process. This is also an opportunity for mobility to help the organization with talent planning support.

Technology is predicted to become more and more integrated, connecting data, information, and workflows for more seamless operations and better experiences. AIRINC continues to invest in our data with multiple partnerships and APIs to support client needs.  Keep an eye out for our Chief Information Officer's upcoming primer on technology integrations!

Sustainability, DE&I, and formalizing remote work policies also scored quite high, as we expect that clients will continue to value the long-term investments that these initiatives provide in their programs and ultimately in supporting the business and assignees.

Thank you to all our colleagues for their predictions! If you want to discuss any of the issues raised, contact us!


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Note: AIRINC’s 2023 Mobility Outlook Survey is due for publication in the spring. Keep an eye on this space for the release of our yearly anchor survey to see where our industry colleagues think the mobility function is going in 2023!