AIRINC and Equus are partnering to elevate client value through an API integration of AIRINC data in the AssignmentPro platform

    Jan 11, 2022 @ 05:06 PM / by Jordan Blue

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    This improved integration enables global mobility teams to leverage AIRINC’s data:

    • To drive instant cost projections
    • Make COLA updates quick and easy
    • Access curated benchmarking insights

    Through our improved, bi-directional data integration, AssignmentPro users can calculate cost projections instantly using AIRINC data for typical assignment costs like temporary living, flights, housing, and 20+ other data points. Assignment initiations are a snap with AIRINC data populating COLA and housing allowances directly in the tool or assignment letters. And when it comes time to update COLAs, the API feed automatically pulls updated COLA values and delivers a customized COLA change comparison for each assignee.

    Global mobility teams can access program benchmarking in AssignmentPro using AIRINC thought leadership, and request holistic program benchmarking reports from AIRINC based on their program specifics. This policy audit capability means clients can see how their program compares to the marketplace with market-leading mobility insights, highlighting program efficiencies or areas for further review.

    Effective mobility programs need to be supported by great technology, great data, and helpful advice when they need it. By adding our data and benchmarking to AssignmentPro, Equus clients will have access to information that helps them navigate the increasingly complex world of business travel and international assignments.

    AIRINC has long understood the importance of integration between data and systems and is a leader in this space. Global Mobility functions are increasingly pressured to do more with less, so we have made it our mission to help clients remove unnecessary manual steps to increase efficiency and decrease errors. We continue to invest in our API offerings, with the improved Equus integration being the most recent.

    If you have any questions, please reach out to your AIRINC representative or contact us below.

    Thank you,

    The AIRINC Team


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    Jordan Blue

    Written by Jordan Blue

    Jordan joined AIRINC as the Director of the West Coast in the summer of 2017. Prior to joining AIRINC he worked for Deloitte, Mercer, and CareerBuilder. He and his team support client engagement from Denver to the Pacific by advising on data use, policy questions, assignment strategy, and more. Jordan works with companies of all types but lives in San Francisco and primarily focuses on the Technology industry. He specializes in helping companies develop and administer host-based assignments, short-term assignments, and permanent moves. He also leads our Engineering & Construction industry benchmark group. Jordan earned his Bachelor’s degree in Organizational Leadership from Miami University in 2003 and his MBA with concentrations in Applied Economics and Change Management from DePaul University in 2010.