In this "Have you met?" of an ongoing series, we meet Lynette Laurence. Based in the APAC Hong Kong office, Lynette joined AIRINC in 2022. Prior to that, Lynette spent 5 years at another Global Mobility data provider after moving from Singapore to Hong Kong. 

Tell us about your role at AIRINC?

I am a Senior Manager in the Client Engagement Services team looking after our clients in Southeast Asia.

What do you like about working at AIRINC?

The people, collaboration between teams from various regions, and the spirit of ‘always innovating’. AIRINCers are great at problem solving and providing solutions. I love the fact that we are always finding ways to improve products and services for clients!

What are your favorite AIRINC tools?

My favorite tool is the International Assignment Calculator (IAC), an all-in-one tool that is quick, flexible, and efficient. GM managers are always finding ways to reduce the administrative aspect of salary calculations and the IAC meets that purpose.

How do you support your clients?

My client contact points are mainly in Singapore and Malaysia aside from other countries within Southeast Asia. In Singapore, I organize roundtable events on a quarterly basis where corporates (both clients and prospects) meet to network and discuss their best practices and challenges in the mobility world. These sessions are always interesting as we have a range of companies that have a well-established global mobility program while some are just starting to look into deploying talents worldwide. Hearing them discuss and share their expertise and best practice is a great way for companies to learn from one another and, at the same time, I always learn something new from them!

What problems have you helped your clients to solve?

In APAC, there are many companies with a smaller global mobility program where they may have a handful of assignments a year and cost-containment is always a priority! This is why I love AIRINC’s International Assignment Calculator where clients have the option to choose a Transactional (pay as you use) option. This has helped many of our clients in APAC meet both their objectives of having reliable, updated data and cost-effectiveness at the same time.

Lynette FamilyTell us something about yourself?

I was born and raised in Singapore, and I have been living in Hong Kong for 7 years now with my spouse and a not so new addition to the family a, 10-month-old baby girl and my two fur-babies—a tiny Poodle who is the best lap dog and a very active, entertaining Pomeranian. There is never a dull moment in my household! You will see me posing with my favourite choice of Singaporean food in Hong Kong – Nasi Lemak.

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