I had the amazing opportunity to travel to South America and host AIRINC’s first ever roundtables in Brazil and Argentina. Alongside Brazil Talks, AIRINC hosted a round table event for corporate global mobility professionals in Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, and in Buenos Aires. It was a great opportunity for professionals in the area to get together and discuss mobility trends and the latest changes in different housing markets. We had excellent participants at the events and each brought their own unique perspectives and insights to the table.

Rio de Janeiro

The last roundtable AIRINC held was in Buenos Aires and it was fantastic! The group had no shortage of topics to discuss. The roundtable conversations covered a wide range of subjects, including immigration policies, different types of assignments, payroll management, and housing benefits. It was great to see the discussion evolve from one topic to the next without a hitch. The participants were from different industries and were able to bring insights from their experiences to the table. Not only were they willing to share and contribute to the conversation, but they were all eager to learn from one another as well.

The participants had a great discussion about exchange rates and how they are managing the ever-changing Argentine peso with their assignees, especially those on the Argentina-home payroll. Most agreed they are either paying employees at host or managing a currency protection program.

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Once it was lunch time, we went to a nearby restaurant and continued the conversation there. The group had so many questions and knowledge to share. We can definitely appreciate that these events do not happen often enough in Buenos Aires, and we could have easily held an all-day session!

We took a quick snap from the event, slightly lower resolution than we usually share but I think you can agree how happy everyone looks!

BA roundtable 2023

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