In this period of transition and reinvention, many companies are reorganizing their Mobility functions to address changes to their business or talent environments.

We recently interviewed six Mobility leaders to learn how they are optimizing their Mobility functions. Everyone agreed that an optimized Mobility function is one that adds value to the organization by offering customers the right balance of skillsets and resources. This interview highlights the first of our 6-part series.

Our first interview was with Deb, the Global Mobility Director for an athletic company. She believes that Mobility should serve her organization’s talent agenda. For her, Mobility is a valuable resource in attracting and retaining talent.

Though she is an experienced Mobility leader, Deb’s organization is new to relocating talent. Therefore, she is currently busy building the foundation of the program. She is creating her vendor network to whom she plans to outsource compliance and day-to-day tasks so she can focus on advising the business. She likes to own her vendor contracts because, in her experience, that yields a better employee experience, which is important if Mobility is positioned to attract and retain talent. She will expand her team by hiring a tax specialist and a vendor management expert.

We appreciate Deb for sharing their short-term and long-term strategies with us so we can showcase insights and inspiration for professionals embarking on their own Mobility optimization journey.



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