As the conflict in Ukraine continues, the outflow of people is impacting neighboring housing markets, especially Poland. AIRINC surveys multiple Polish cities during our Europe quarters; based on conversations with trusted sources in late March we decided to provide interim housing settings to recognize significant increases to rent as well as increases to utilities.

Sources report that most expatriates who fled Ukraine in the initial wave have now been housed but about half remain in short-term accommodation. A second wave of mostly Ukrainian nationals has put additional pressure on short and long-term housing throughout Poland; corporate apartments in Warsaw are fully booked. Availability of long-term rentals is also extremely low and destination service providers are advising corporate clients to take what is offered. Demand is highest at the low and mid-points of the market but even the high end is seeing a mismatch with supply. Flexibility with budgets is especially important right now as rents increase and options are limited.

AIRINC will be surveying Poland again in our May quarter.

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