The world’s attention is squarely focused on the issue of sustainability. Many organizations are declaring ambitious sustainability goals at the corporate level, but have these commitments reached Global Mobility, and are they affecting the way companies deploy talent globally?

This pulse survey aims to answer these two important questions as well as exploring what comes next for sustainability in Global Mobility.

Embedding sustainable practices into the global mobility program is widely recognized as an important priority by the respondents. Some companies have already taken the initial steps to build sustainability into their mobility program. However, for the majority this is still an emerging area of focus.

Addressing sustainability can often appear overwhelming and part of the challenge for Global Mobility is that many of the practices associated with talent mobilization come with a heavy carbon footprint. However, this challenge also presents an opportunity as there are also many ways to positively impact the sustainability of the program. Tactical opportunities include addressing relocation, travel and transportation. Strategically, significant impacts can also be achieved through broadening the range of options available to the business to deploy talent creatively, using emerging policies such as remote and virtual project assignments.

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