Mobility Optimization Series, Part 2: Mobility Fuels Organizational Growth

    Jun 14, 2022 @ 05:01 PM / by Grace Kernohan


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    AIRINC recently interviewed six Mobility leaders to learn how they are optimizing their Mobility functions. This interview highlights the second of our 6-part series, where we discussed how Mobility fuels organizational growth.

    We next interviewed Guilherme, who leads Mobility Operations for a large pharmaceutical company. While a COE counterpart oversees policy and governance, Guilherme focuses on compliance and operational excellence. He believes that Mobility is optimized when process is simplified through automation and technology.

    He also points out that the dual COE and Operations model of his Mobility function requires constant communication and realignment to ensure the program runs smoothly. Guilherme’s company is growing through acquisition, which is driving demand for Mobility. The Mobility operations team recently added headcount to meet rising demand within Europe and Asia. Furthering his goals for process automation, the team released a Mobility guide to help Talent Acquisition and HRBPs navigate their policy and package options. The guide is part of a self-service initiation workflow which begins from the company’s HR portal. From there, users are directed to the RMC’s portal to complete the initiation.

    Being fully outsourced has allowed Guilherme’s team to achieve great scalability with limited Mobility headcount.

    We appreciate Guilherme for sharing their short-term and long-term strategies with us so we can showcase insights and inspiration for professionals embarking on their own Mobility optimization journey.


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    Grace Kernohan

    Written by Grace Kernohan

    Grace Kernohan is a Senior Manager of Advisory Services at AIRINC. She joined AIRINC in the fall of 2017 working in Client Engagement, and transitioned to Advisory Services in April 2020. She specializes in consulting and benchmarking, focusing on policy reviews, market alignment, and mobility communications. She has worked on a range of projects, including NGO policy suite revisions and pharmaceutical M&A mobility function consulting. She has also traveled internationally performing cost-of-living surveys. She graduated from Union College in 2017 with a Bachelor of Science in mathematics and economics. She is based in Boston, MA.